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Every body has a story

”I lost 4.5 kilos [during the program]. I haven’t been this light for a long time. My core looks tight and I’m enjoying my life. Girl, you are awesome! Thanks for giving me this chance!” Giselle, 37
”Thanks Ash for all the encouragement & support over the past weeks! Decided to stick to this eating plan. I’ve gone down 2 belt notches over this time! Love Pilates X & the Team!” Jackie, 55
”After going to the gym for many years I was ending up with injuries that weren't going away, so I decided to join Pilates X. This has been a great move, not only have I learned to strengthen my body, but learnt so much from the instructors. It's unbelievable. There are also so many classes to choose from all with wonderful informative, friendly teachers. Thanks Ashleigh and your great team!” Julie
”Being a mum to three kids under 7 I always thought I had no time for exercise. During the program I have gone every single day for an early class. The food advise is great and I find that is so easy to follow.” Carla, 37

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